Long hotel sheer curtains

hotel sheers


Solid sheer pattern


Embroidered sheer pattern


Textured sheer pattern


min order 24 pair – panel


Floral pattern hotel sheer curtains

Pinch pleat sheer curtain

pinch pleat

Ripple fold sheer curtain


Sheer curtain rod system


specializes in the fabrication of hotel sheers, window coverings, and top treatments made specifically for the hospitality industry, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive selection of hotel sheer styles to choose from.

our quality construction will give you peace of mind, from the stiffeners and grommets that we use to our stitching, atlantic hospitality makes a product second to none.

fabrication options vary from pinch pleated to ripple fold and whether it’s pairs or one-way draw panels we build quality into each piece. our hotel sheer fabric selections include our standard solid eleganza batiste and eleganza voiles offered in white and off white along with a selection of colors, our textured hotel sheers and embroidered hotel sheer selections incorporate an upscale look.

let us bring that finishing touch to your window coverings - hotel sheers by atlantic hospitality.