Martex stay bright towel set

hotel beach towels

solid color – striped

min order 20 dz.

Martex stay bright towels

martex stay bright

30 x 54 – 14 lbs/dz.
royal blue, violet, lemmon, persimmon, green ice

Hanging martex tropical stripe towels

martex tropical stripe

30 x 70 – 15 lbs/dz.
blue, peach, yellow, jade

Martex cabana collection

martex cabana collection

30 x 66 – 13 lbs/dz.
linen, linen stripe, deep sea, deep sea stripe

Oxford tropical stripe beach towel

oxford tropical stripe

32 x 70 – 15 lbs/dz.
blue, peach, yellow, jade

Oxford premium cabana rolled towel

oxford tropical stripe

35 x 70 – 20 lbs/dz.
medium blue, yellow, green

Oxford tropical solid premium blue towel

oxford solid premium

32 x 66 – 18.5 lbs/dz.
black, royal blue, hunter green, navy blue, yellow

Camelot II towel set

Camelot II

36 x 68 – 18 lbs/dz.
blue, kashmir green, beige

Excalibur towel series


36 x 68 – 20 lbs/dz.
pineapple yellow, porcelain blue, beige, white

selection of hotel beach towels is extensive, selections that are known globally for their quality and durability, our hotel beach towels are made specifically for hotel and hospitality application meaning they are constructed with the finest materials to hold up to heavy duty usage.

our hotel beach towel collections are available in cam or elegant dobby border constructions with compositions of 100% cotton or blended styles to choose from. white & color options to choose from in many styles.

hotel beach towels by atlantic hospitality….quality, consistency, durability..need we say more.